Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Eye sore & Potential Hazard in Kepayan

The public especially the motor vehicles users that frequently patron the Jalan Lintas –Kepayan Highway has complaint to the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (P174/N19) Penampang/ Kepayan Public Complaints Bureau on the potential hazard and also the eyesore of a burnt vehicle that has been left abandoned along the highway over the last 1 month. The vehicle is being sited opposite a row of auto-mechanic shops along the Jalan Lintas-Kepayan towards Lido. In view of the numerous complaints, the public bureau has to bring the attention to the authorities. This matter was brought to the attention of Dr. Roland Chia through the bureau committee Mr. Henry Liew, a spokesman for the bureau.

Motorist complained and asked why the relevant authorities have yet to remove this piece of eyesore after 1 month since the incident has happened If the parts of the vehicle is integrated, it may flung wildly onto passing by vehicles what more nowadays we are experiencing heavy winds. This will invariably caused massive traffic accident and possibly human casualties. Thenafter will cause heavy traffic jam to the already ongoing repair works done to the Jalan Lintas- Kepayan Highway.

PKR PenampangP174/N19 hoped the relevant authorities will take swift action to remove this potential hazard.

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Kay Leaf said...

Can sue the car owner of the toasted car for being dumping such a big rubbish?