Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another Health Scandal in Sabah -How many more millions of Tax payers money is going to be wasted again?

How many more millions of Tax payers money is going to be wasted again?

A reliable source has been received with regards to the set up of a new company Srinexis Logistics Sdn Bhd formed to take over the sterilization of certain hospitals including QEH, LIkas, Tambunan, ranau, pitas ( the new hospitals which was just started operations 2007) and nearby Kota Kinabalu Klinik Kesihatan and Dental clinics.

The plan to start taking over all of the sterilization process in this hospitals and clinics. The payment would be similar to like Faber. However the quantity but fine details have not been mentioned yet. Target within 6 months time . There was a briefing done last week to representives from all involved facilities. In difficult times, privatization schemes are a burden on facilities run by the government while the allocation has already been cut for medicines and laboratory required reagents and test kits which is more importance to the well being of the patients.

Faber 's allocation has not been reduced even in difficult times because of the concession agreements similar to highway concession company. Similarly to Pharmaniaga Sdn Bhd increased their prices in 2008 another 15% which the government had to pay because the medicine where already used at the old prices. To make matters worse, the companies mentioned has strong linked to the dominant party of BN - UMNO. In bad times like these, where is the priority of the government with reference to health in Sabah.
Does Faber means better support services to the hospital- yes for cleaning, linen and clinical waste management BUT A BIG NO to others totally useless e.g faicility engineering or maintenence of the hospitals- cracks in the building where not prevented and repairs were not done leaks still exist. Biomedical is the worst- the one who repairs in the hospital are diploma holders in electronics who assume every equipment is similar to the hair drier in their house which you change the defective by similar looking parts. subesequantly spoiling forever- x ray machines which last for 15 years are made beyond economic repair within 8 years. It is tatamounting to asking a business graduate assuming to be a medical doctor to treat a diabetic patient, for sure, the diabetic patient's life would be severely threatened in short period of time.

The health privatization is a big shame or scam to the health in Malaysia for we will be producing more cronies, worse still cronies that could not even deliver a decent, reasonable standard of care to the scope work awarded to, thus wasting our tax payers' monet to buy medical equipments, which usually can last 10 years but reduced to a shelf life of 5 years. The money should have been saved to help the poor and needy instead.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Doc, it all boils down to politics and bottom line, money.
Its the same all over the planet. When there's money to be made, the business plans for new projects crop up like mushrooms after a rain.
But good for car sales like Mercedes and BMW's, ha ha.
Relax Doc, have a pleasant week, Lee.

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