Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another Health Scandal in Sabah -How many more millions of Tax payers money is going to be wasted again?

How many more millions of Tax payers money is going to be wasted again?

A reliable source has been received with regards to the set up of a new company Srinexis Logistics Sdn Bhd formed to take over the sterilization of certain hospitals including QEH, LIkas, Tambunan, ranau, pitas ( the new hospitals which was just started operations 2007) and nearby Kota Kinabalu Klinik Kesihatan and Dental clinics.

The plan to start taking over all of the sterilization process in this hospitals and clinics. The payment would be similar to like Faber. However the quantity but fine details have not been mentioned yet. Target within 6 months time . There was a briefing done last week to representives from all involved facilities. In difficult times, privatization schemes are a burden on facilities run by the government while the allocation has already been cut for medicines and laboratory required reagents and test kits which is more importance to the well being of the patients.

Faber 's allocation has not been reduced even in difficult times because of the concession agreements similar to highway concession company. Similarly to Pharmaniaga Sdn Bhd increased their prices in 2008 another 15% which the government had to pay because the medicine where already used at the old prices. To make matters worse, the companies mentioned has strong linked to the dominant party of BN - UMNO. In bad times like these, where is the priority of the government with reference to health in Sabah.
Does Faber means better support services to the hospital- yes for cleaning, linen and clinical waste management BUT A BIG NO to others totally useless e.g faicility engineering or maintenence of the hospitals- cracks in the building where not prevented and repairs were not done leaks still exist. Biomedical is the worst- the one who repairs in the hospital are diploma holders in electronics who assume every equipment is similar to the hair drier in their house which you change the defective by similar looking parts. subesequantly spoiling forever- x ray machines which last for 15 years are made beyond economic repair within 8 years. It is tatamounting to asking a business graduate assuming to be a medical doctor to treat a diabetic patient, for sure, the diabetic patient's life would be severely threatened in short period of time.

The health privatization is a big shame or scam to the health in Malaysia for we will be producing more cronies, worse still cronies that could not even deliver a decent, reasonable standard of care to the scope work awarded to, thus wasting our tax payers' monet to buy medical equipments, which usually can last 10 years but reduced to a shelf life of 5 years. The money should have been saved to help the poor and needy instead.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Eye sore & Potential Hazard in Kepayan

The public especially the motor vehicles users that frequently patron the Jalan Lintas –Kepayan Highway has complaint to the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (P174/N19) Penampang/ Kepayan Public Complaints Bureau on the potential hazard and also the eyesore of a burnt vehicle that has been left abandoned along the highway over the last 1 month. The vehicle is being sited opposite a row of auto-mechanic shops along the Jalan Lintas-Kepayan towards Lido. In view of the numerous complaints, the public bureau has to bring the attention to the authorities. This matter was brought to the attention of Dr. Roland Chia through the bureau committee Mr. Henry Liew, a spokesman for the bureau.

Motorist complained and asked why the relevant authorities have yet to remove this piece of eyesore after 1 month since the incident has happened If the parts of the vehicle is integrated, it may flung wildly onto passing by vehicles what more nowadays we are experiencing heavy winds. This will invariably caused massive traffic accident and possibly human casualties. Thenafter will cause heavy traffic jam to the already ongoing repair works done to the Jalan Lintas- Kepayan Highway.

PKR PenampangP174/N19 hoped the relevant authorities will take swift action to remove this potential hazard.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Malaysia needs to prioritize the HEALTH AGENDA – The Health Crisis in Sabah.

The recent press statement by the Singapore Government to invest $4billion Singapore dollars in Healthcare Infrastructure over the next 5 years and also the China's Cabinet government in announcing that the country will invest 850 billion yuan (S$187 billion) on improving the health care system over the next three years is a clear indication that these government puts the Health agenda as their top priority in this time of economic gloom.

The most interesting point in these stimulus packages is that both of these governments have made details and clearly indicated how are the billions of dollars are to be spent. On the top of the agenda will be including a revamp of public hospitals, redevelopment of older hospitals, medical centres, building new community hospitals and boosting capabilities in treating chronic diseases such as strokes, kidney failure and other age related conditions.

For eg in China, the central government is committed to commence construction of about 2,000 county- level hospitals over the next three years, with work scheduled to start this year. The goal is to ensure each county has at least one hospital operating at national standards.

There is a stark contrast as compared to Malaysia. The latest being, Petronas has built a 6- star private Medical Centre in the heart of the Klang Valley – called Prince Court Medical Centre . This centre mainly caters for medical tourism and high end paying medical clients in which a majority of Malaysians who are in the middle income bracket and below will not be able to enjoy there high rates of medical fees.

Therefore it is time for the government of Malaysia and Malaysia’s GLCs to review these issues in the upcoming or subsequent stimulus budgets in putting the country back on track. The government needs to put health as their top priority in their budget. As the saying goes – YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH.

The second issue is - the critical healthcare delivery system in the State of Sabah with specific reference to the present crisis in Queen Elizabeth Hospital and many more remote areas which have yet to benefit from a local district hospital. I believe there are many real life stories that are being mentioned of how the present crisis has caused great grief and pain to patients either waiting for long hours for elective surgery and of course those who required acute / emergency management due to MotorVehicleAccidents or rapid deterioration of health.

The population of Sabah and Singapore is quite close in terms of figures i.e Sabah (3.4 Million) and Singapore (3.8 Million). Once Sabah and Singapore were partners in forming the Malaysian Federation 1963, now the former struggles to have a state/regional hospital while the later boast of the state of the art medical services to adequately serve both the local population and also the tourist who throngs into the country state to seek medical treatment. This is also in contrast to where Singapore can boast to be the most affluent state country in the Asia Pacific Region if not in the world while Sabah as according the 9th Malaysian Plan (9MP) is the second poorest state in Malaysia after Kelantan. To make matters worst, at least Kelantan can boast of a well established USM Medical School and a University Hospital that would cater the health needs of the people of Kelantan, as compared to Sabah, we are still waiting for the completion of a University Hospital in UMS whilst still waiting for the first foundation stone to be laid for the new regional/tertiary hospital.

I believe the health issue in Sabah should not be politicized because it has become well beyond critical. Rather the people of Sabah deserves to know how many billions that the government is going to pour into the health needs in Sabah , after all many billions of oil and gas revenue has been extracted from Sabah for the noble course of nation building.