Saturday, January 10, 2009

Parking Woes in Lido, Tmn Chemei in N19 Kepayan

P174 Penampang Division – N19 Kepayan Public Complaints Bureau.
7 Jan 2009 Re : Parking Woes in Taman Chemei, Lido Shop House
Shop owners and business traders of LidoShop Houses Taman Chemei are unhappy with the current traffic jam in the area. PKR Penampang Division- Deputy Chief Dr. Roland Chia revealed today.
The reason being, a rental car company based in Taman Chemei, Lido Shop House has been parking at least 10 of their commercial vehicles the parking lot for long hours thus denying traders and customers the facilities to park their vehicles.
Shop traders of Lido, Taman Chemei Shp houses are unhappy, business has dropped recently due to economic recession and this is compounded by frustrated customers and public who are driven away due to difficulty in finding car parks in the area.
A frustrated Public Bank Lido customer was at the scene told the complaints bureau that many have gone to other branches because of the acute shortage of car parks.
PKR Kepayan wish to seek answers from DBKK on the licensing requirements of car rental companies operating in busy commercial areas. By right, they should have a car yard to store all their cars so as not to deprive the public from the difficulties of getting car parks.
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