Sunday, January 11, 2009

Delay in Railway Upgrade Works From Tg Aru to Tenom - To Fail to Plan is To Plan to Fail

The Delay in Railway Upgrading Works from Tg Aru to Tenom
To Fail To Plan is To Plan To Fail (Part II)

The recent controversial issue of the railway track between the State Railway Terminal in Tanjong Aru and Putatan Town and further on to Tenom is another heartbreaking event to the people of Sabah especially to those who are residing and running their business in the vicinity.
The delay 137 days and 83 days respectively of completing the railway upgrade works which resulted in the fining of the two company concern (Suria Capital Holdings & Hikmat Asia Sdn Bhd) is a proof that the contractors concerns are not carrying out their duty professionally. When I was working overseas, there was hardly any delay when comes to completing any government infrastructures, because the contractors concern will work round the clock rain or shine to ensure the dateline is being made.
Among the complains were
Protests from residents. Our Question is simple : Why were these issues not resolved before the works began?
The safety of the students who studies in SRJK( C) Hwa Shiong and Jalan Takis of which the main access to the school is right in front of the railway track which will pose a hazard to the pedestrians?
The closure of illegal crossings near Putatan Stations Many developments especially commercial developments have started very near to the Putatan Stations which resulted in drop of business who operates in the vicinity as the access road provided by the developers were deemed as illegal by the Railway Stations.

Many residents and business operators when asked were visibly very upset because their elected representatives have turned a deaf ear to their cry. This has caused them much anxiety as their school children’s safety are affected, their business plans (both present and future) are also affected.
Our question is who should be the team leader in handling this project? What are the roles of the elected representatives in those areas who are affected? Why are they not taking part in ensuring the infrastructures are being implemented without having to come to such a mess. The answer is simple : “ To Fail to Plan is to Plan to Fail” and it has cost the tax payers money of RM334.8 Million Ringgit.
Therefore, we should take heed to the famous sayings of the President Elect of USA- Barrack Obama, : This is the time to Change so that the government is by the People For the People and not for the Irresponsible Politicians.

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